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Property Renovation in Summertown | The Difference Between Renovations and Refurbishments

House renovations and refurbishments are both excellent ways to improve your home however, differentiating the two can be difficult. To achieve your desired results and a quality home which will stand the test of time, it is vital to choose the right project. To help with this, we have produced this guide to the difference between property renovations and property refurbishments. Working in Oxford, Summertown and the surrounding areas, our builders ensure every client receives the right solutions for the needs.

It is important to note that projects often include aspects of renovations and refurbishments, as well as additional building work like home extensions. This means you are not limited to one option – you can combine services to reach your goal.


Renovations are more substantial property changes which affect the structure and fundamental aspects of the building. This includes important remedial work to return the property to a good state of repair. Property renovations can also include alterations and additions to improve/personalise the interior space, such as home extensions.

Our builders in Summertown often renovate neglected, rundown and outdated properties which are suffering structural issues, such as subsidence, and/or need updating to meet newest building regulations.

Where renovation properties are in need of complete modernisation, it is typical to combine house renovations with property refurbishments.

Key renovation works include:

Because property renovations are more intrusive in nature, they can also involve conversions and home extensions. Completing these projects at the time of other renovations avoids the need for further disruption in the future and can prove more cost-effective for our Summertown clients.


Refurbishments are less disruptive than house renovations. This is because refurbishments do not involve work to the structure of the property. Instead, they are focused on more cosmetic improvements. Consequently, our builders use property refurbishments to restore and improve the appearance of your home.

Refurbishments also include property upgrades to improve function, usability and efficiency.

Key refurbishment works include:

To get a feel for what’s achievable with refurbishments from Cherwell Oxford Ltd, we invite you to explore our previous work.

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