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Kennel Lodge

"Helen and I would like to express our thanks you and your guys for delivering our new kitchen building which you have completed to a high standard. The care and attention that you took with our project plus the high standards of workmanship from Paul and George etc were exemplary and of course we mustn’t forget Cameron. As with any new build there is always going to be an odd hiccup down the line, but with your cool and professional manner they were dealt with quickly and without a fuss.

Our very best regards. Oh and keep on running!!"

- Donald & Helen

"Hi Ian,

Thank you for your email and, more importantly, for the amazing work you've done to our house and your 100% reliability! I can't believe how lucky we were to find you and I've often had that thought over the past year as almost everyone who heard about our building work going on while we were away thought we were crazy and shared a story of a building work that didn't turn out very well.

We were very pleased with the house when we came to visit in August and I look forward to seeing it completely finished when we come over next (I've seen it in photos that Karen sent - including the lovely arrangement of the two soft toy dogs at the low table!).

At the moment, we're not in the best position to show anyone around as we're not there, but I'd definitely be happy to talk to any potential customers over the phone and/or show them pictures if you ever need references.

Thanks again, also to everyone who contributed to it, and very best wishes"

- Helen