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Property Refurbishments in Oxford | Improving Homes for Modern Living

Established in 2009, Cherwell Oxford Ltd has extensive experience undertaking home improvements for clients who wish to modernise their homes. Whether you have an older home in need of property renovations, or you require property refurbishments to create a contemporary design, we provide ideal results. Working around your needs, we undertake all aspects of house renovations and refurbishments, and even construct home extensions to give you the extra space you need. With over 30 years of combined experience, our builders know exactly how to bring your home up to modern standards.

If you wish to transform an outdated property, whether in terms of function, style or both, consider the following aspects of home improvements. While these are popular features of renovations and refurbishments in Oxford, we tailor your project around your property and needs for ideal results.


Updating your kitchen is one of best ways to modernise your home, making it a popular feature of property refurbishments and house renovations. You can either keep your existing space and install new cabinets, units, appliances and flooring, or you can completely transform your kitchen by changing the layout of your property or constructing a home extension.

For the most contemporary kitchen designs, we recommend an open plan layout that incorporates a dining area and large bifold doors for easy access to the garden.


Along with kitchens, bathrooms are one of the main areas clients wish to focus on when planning a property renovation or refurbishment in Oxford. Whether you have an outdated suite, or your bathroom is looking tired, our builders update all features to create a luxurious, modern and relaxing space.

We work on bathrooms of every size and ensure the new installation meets the needs of your household. Some popular contemporary features include waterfall basins, freestanding baths, tiles and frameless shower enclosures.


Modern homes place a lot of emphasis on space and open plan living, which makes home extensions a perfect way to update your property in Oxford. Our builders construct extensions on their own of as part of wider property refurbishments to really make the most of your space.

Layout Alterations

Altering your interior layout is another way to improve space. Older homes often have more, smaller rooms which create a dark and dingy interior. However, by removing or moving non-loadbearing walls during property renovations, we open-up the space, improving flow, light and practicality, all of which are key features of contemporary design.

Utilities & Services

House renovations and refurbishments in Oxford regularly involve updating utilities and services. This ensures your home runs effectively and efficiently, and that you have all the creature comforts of a modern home. You may wish to include features such as underfloor heating, atmospheric lighting and USB wall sockets.

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